Are dogs allowed at the stable?

Yes, with conditions. You are welcome to bring your dog to the stable. However, if your dog is not social, cannot play nice with the stable dog, shows aggressive behavior to the horses or other persons, or cannot be controlled--consider your pup’s invitation to the stable withdrawn. 

Are children allowed at the stable? 

Yes, children are allowed at the stable. They must be under your supervision at all times. You, as a parent or guardian, must sign a liability waiver before  bringing the child(ren) to the property. 

If your child(ren) cannot be supervised at all times, endanger themselves or prove to be destructive in any manner to the stable, the horses or other visitors, consider their privileges to the stable revoked.

Am I allowed to bring food and beverages? 

You are welcome to bring food and beverages to the stable. Please be considerate and throw away trash in dedicated receptacles. Do not leave open containers, as they attract Mother Nature’s Free Loaders.

Ride and drink responsibly. Drunkards at the stable can talk to the Delafield Police Department and/or Waukesha County Sheriff about their plight of having their stable privileges revoked.

Are firearms allowed on the property?

No. Although we respect your 2nd Amendment rights, firearms are not allowed on the property. If you come packing, cowpoke, you can talk to the Delafield Police Department and/or Waukesha County Sheriff about yout plight of having your stable privileges revoked. 

Need to know more?

While these questions cover most of the basics, they are not all inclusive of the Stable rules and policies. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have additional questions.